Slides from my presentation on "Plugging into the Drupal Community" at DrupalCamp Colorado

Below are my slides from my presentation at DrupalCamp Colorado (had an awesome time, blog post of praise to come later). I think the presentation went well, but would appreciate any feedback from the folks that came. Was the info pertinent? Confusing? Was the presentation too basic or contrived?

Next time, I will remember to post the slides before the session so I can get feedback right away. Also, thanks to the fellow in the back for recommending Slideshare!


A good introduction to new Drupal users than must to climb the learning curve. Great work.

Thanks for the kind words, Vincent!

I really enjoyed this presentation. Especially the coverage of IRC, which I know is part of the Drupal community, but I'm not a huge user of yet. Oh, and I also noticed that the latest Beta version of Adium for the Mac has IRC support. I'm really liking that so far.

The analysis of the different user "roles" that appear organically in the issue queues was fascinating as well.

P.S. I probably would have sat in the front if my MacBook Pro hadn't been running low on power. :)

Thanks Mark, I found myself at the very back of a session for the same reason a couple times. Maybe next time it would be a good idea to have power strips towards the front?

I'll have to check out Adium. That looks promising.

You planning on hitting up any other DrupaCamps this year? If so, we'll have to connect at one.


Hey Chris. Was looking through the slides and saw the reference.. which uses Mibbit. The bad news is that recently banned Mibbit from connecting.. so no longer works. has setup their own web IRC site at IRC is blocked for me at work so I'm hoping my network admin will unblock that for me. I'd love to check out the #drupal-support channel.

I didn't make it to you presentation but I appreciate the slides.