Solution to problem with "MySQL Server has gone away" with Drupal and Site5 (cron job in particular)

Disabling the Update Status module made my "MySQL Server has gone away" errors go away for a little while. But then it came back. Along with the errors, the cron job wouldn't complete, and therefore the cron_semaphore (do you know what a sempaphore is?) variable in the variable table wouldn't reset, and thus cron wouldn't run again. I talked to Site5 support - they have added instant chat support since the last time I had a major issue - and they got it fixed by upping the MySQL memory limit in a my.ini file that contained the following: 


Apparently you can modify the MySQL settings as well as php.ini this way. Nice.


I have the same problem but im hosting with godaddy(stupid) and i can't change my my.ini file and i need to run cron. So if you have godaddy your stuck (unless you want a dedicated server)

Same problem. This solution worked for me. The only difference was that I edit my.cnf file. Thanks for your support.

thanks a lot !!!
after several hours of searching through the net , here i find the solution for my issue :)