Stuff I own and like (a lot)

Below is a list of things I own and like, curtesy of an Amazon aStore. There's stuff that I can't find on Amazon, so at some point I'll have to create a post with those.


I'm curious what software you use for the audio recording.

I've used a few different programs. Before I went to Mac, I used Nuendo. But Nuendo doesn't work well on Mac, even in Bootcamp, so I started looking into other options. I haven't done much recording since, but if I remember correctly, Logic has the one feature that I though was critical in Nuendo - the ability to have multiple takes on a track, and jump between them with auto cross-fades.

For the electronic stuff (which is more for kicks), I really like the Ableton Live and Reason.

I just recorded a couple of tunes in Garage Band, and that might be a good solution for the quick one-off recording.

Hi Chris, I'm up to the 2nd half of "4 hour work week" (I read the first half, detoured to a bunch of other books, and am now back). Just read the chapter on outsourcing your life, and wondering how much of my life I can actually outsource... I've already automated all my bill payments; I can't outsource the acquisition of knowledge (though I might be able to pay someone to summarize long articles for me); the web development work I do for a living I can (and do) hire someone else to do with me but would never outsource to India; I could have someone else do my laundry but I doubt it's worth the price; I can't have someone else unclutter my piles because only I know what's not important... etc. Have you managed to internalize any of that chapter in your lifestyle?

- Ben B

PS. Which module are you using for the "notify me when new comments are posted" checkbox?
PPS. The preview button on this form doesn't work.

Hi Ben, the module I'm using is Comment Notify. I've tried a few notification projects, and this one seems the simplest and straightforward.

Thanks for the tip on the preview button, I'll have to look into that.

I haven't really outsourced much, and have some internal arguments against it. But, I've found that a lot of times those kinds of arguments boil down to the fact that it's something new and I'm just not ready to give it a go yet. I re-read the aforementioned chapter and found that it actually addressed many of my issues, so I'm going to give it a shot and see if outsourcing can play a helpful role in my life. I've posted a project on Elance for a virtual assistant, and compiled some notes for things I want to try and tasks I might be able to offload.

I'll be posting back to the blog about my experiences, and I'll plan on referencing the posts here. So, if you're subscribed to this post you should get notified.

Thanks for the prod, Ben!

Thanks! I just installed comment notify on my blog (using drush via ConnectBot on my droid while sitting on the porch...I love the internet).
I can't wait to read about your outsourcing experiences. I'm particularly curious which tasks you decided to delegate and how you picked them.
I'm somewhat conflicted about outsourcing myself, mostly on a macro scale, but I guess it's no different from hiring someone.

The first installment towards answering this question:

Hi Chris,
I'm a few days behind you on the same track... I put a job on eLance for an online researcher and virtual assistant, starting initially with some things I want to know about but haven't had time to research (like a growth on our tomato plants). I've gotten a few stateside responses but no one in India, not sure how much it's worth. I'll post about my experiences on my blog in a few days.

That's awesome! Keep me posted on how things go.