Tell Build a what you think on video and get 30 days FREE

We want to hear what you think about Build a, and if you send us a video review or post a review on YouTube, we'll give you 30 free days of unencumbered access to our entire video library (if you're already a member, we'll wave fees for a full month), plus enter you in a drawing to win a DVD or download of your choice, or a 6-month subscription.

The process is simple, just turn on your webcam and go. Don't worry about editing it (unless you want to), we'll take care of that on our end. The video doesn't have to be long, anywhere from 1-5 minutes is perfect.

We may post some these videos publicly, which means that other people may be watching these, so feel free to turn up the charisma!

While we'll be taking videos indefinitely (we always want to hear what you think), this offer of a free 30-day membership ends in 2 weeks on July 14th, when we'll announce the winners of the drawing.

Here's what you should cover in your video:

  1. Your name and your line of work (and your company name, if applicable)
  2. How you've used the videos
  3. What you like or appreciate about the videos
  4. Anything else that comes to mind

Probably the easiest way to to record a video is by using YouTube (click for instructions). If you'd rather not post the review to your account publicly, simply post the video as unlisted, When you're done, send us the URL to the video page and we'll take care of the rest.

If you want to use your own webcam capture program, just send the finished video to Again, don't worry about editing the video if you're strapped for time or don't know how, just send it to us raw. :-)

Also, let us know what your account username or e-mail is so we can hook you up with your free 30 days. If you don't have an account, sign up for one here.

Looking forward to hearing what you think!