Theming should be a beautiful thing.

Being a coder certainly has it's benefits. But without critical theming skills, you can start to feel a little like a sandwich without tomatoes. Or a crossbow without arrows. Or a pair of pink sunglasses without sequins glued on them. Or a ... well, you probably get the picture. But, if you do get the picture, can you theme it?

We're moving steadily forth into our 5th week of theming videos, and things are starting to get interesting. After laying down the basics like knowing what the theme layer is for and how to find the source of any output in Drupal, we're starting to peek into some theme folders and see what treasures lie within. Theme directories are a wildcard, you have a lot of freedom to set things up in a multitude of ways. But that freedom comes at the price of sometimes not knowing where to start.

This week is dedicated to theme file-gazing. We first look through the core Drupal themes and see how they have their files set up, and then we move onto four of the most popular contributed themes: Zen, Basic (a Zen offshoot), Fusion (FREE video) and Marinelli. Each theme has unique strategies and lessons to teach, and will help you get a feel for where to start as you develop your theme or modify an existing theme.

Next week we'll be getting deep into code, leveraging all of the tools and techniques we've reviewed this last month and begin to build an entire theme from scratch.

Resource pack has been updated

Several issues have been fixed in the source code resource pack, so please download the new version if you're following along.

Thanks, and enjoy!
Chris Shattuck