Tons of Drupal Power Tools in One Focused, Original Video Series

New to Git and the command line? Need to get everything into version control so you can sleep at night? Do you crave a sane release workflow? 10 NEW free videos from Build a will help get you started.

This week we're releasing the entire first chapter of a new series called "Change Management and Version Control" for free. I'm super excited about this series because it puts some very powerful tools in the hands of both new and experienced Drupal developers, and smoothly transitions the viewer from one topic to another by using practical, connected examples. By the end of the series, viewers will:

  • Have a solid grasp the scalable techniques you need to sanely manage or work within a team of developers engineering a single Drupal site, and even how to create a sane, stable workflow for a one-person project.
  • Know how to use Git to manage release cycles to a production (i.e. live) site.
  • Have every valuable piece of work, both in code and configuration, captured in version control for peace of mind using Features, Selenium IDE and a variety of other techniques.
  • Be able to do (and just as importantly, undo) on any level with Git, a powerful version control system.
  • Be able to work faster using the command line and Drush
  • And more. Lots more? Oh yes.

This first chapter sets the groundwork for the rather exciting examples to come. In it, we help you get Git installed, demonstrate how to use the command line and explain what 'version control' is to the uninitiated (oh man, you uninitiated are in for a treat!). Even though we're about to dive into some advanced topics, this chapter will help level the playing field between those who are just starting out and those with more experience.

Welcome to "Change Management and Version Control"
This is a quick overview of the coming series and a pep talk for those ready to dig deeper into some of the most powerful tools available for managing a Drupal engineering and deployment workflow.

How to install Git on Windows with mysygit
In this video we help you get Git installed in a Windows environment, along with a nice cross-platform graphical Git app called SmartGit. We use the mysygit package that includes great command line tools that will allow you to follow along with the rest of the series.

How to install git and SmartGit on a Mac
We take you through the straightforward steps of installing Git and the free (for non-profits) graphical tool SmartGit on a Mac.

How to create a Git repository and add a complete Drupal site to it
Bam! We jump right into getting a Drupal project on version control by adding the whole thing to a new repository. Don't know what a repository is? No problem, we'll talk you through it.

Why the command line can be scary, and the benefits of conquering your fear
Before we go too deep into Git, we take a little detour to introduce you to the various commands you'll be using throughout the series. But, we before we do that, we validate any fears or discomfort you have about the command line and explain what's in it for you.

How to navigate file structures and stop processes on the command line
The start of a straightforward, 4-video overview of using the command line. With these videos, you'll be able to get 80% of what you need. This first video covers how to find out where you are, how to get somewhere else, and how to stop everything if you get stuck.

How to edit and save text files on the command line with VIM
If you've never edited text on the command line, I envy you a little. But, it's hard to get around it when you're using version control. In this video we tell you just what you need to know to get in, make your changes, and get out without too much fuss.

How to use built-in help on the command line
The command line isn't all about masochism and penance. There's actually a ton of great help if you know where you find it (and how to read it). In this video we show you how to do just that.

How to create, move, copy and remove files on the command line
While you probably have a file explorer of some kind to get you through the process of shifting file structure around, this will show you just how easy it is to do on the command line. And maybe, just maybe, you'll kind of like it.


If you feel any lack of confidence in your development and release workflow, either as a single-do-everything-er or a member of a vast development team, this new series will clear it up. Really. And the approach is friendly to all levels of experience while still staying incredibly focused at each step.

Enjoy these videos and keep an eye out for new free videos in the "Change Management and Version Control" series coming down the pikes over the next several weeks.

Chris Shattuck



This sounds awesome! I'm excited to get started with this series, and perhaps more!

Nice site and really good videos. Do you have a time plan for the whole series?

Hi Alan,

I'm glad to hear you're enjoying the site! And great question. We'll be releasing videos weekly for the next couple of months for members, and will hopefully have a DVD and download ready within the next month.