Updated pictures and stats of treadmill desk - head and wristbands added for effect

Quick stats:

  • The treadmill is a Pro-Form 770 EKG. I bought it on Cragslist for $150 (my last treadmill was $50)
  • I walk from 1-2 MPH (no, I don't run, in spite of the picture you see below). 
  • I'm on the treadmill for 4-6 hours a day

People ask me if I run on this thing. I don't. Partially because it would make working impossible, and partially because I work upstairs in an older home and fear for its integrity.

The white part is kind of a 'floating' surface. It's not screwed down so that I can shift it from time to time - mostly depending on how big my lunch is.

Here's what I did to attach the desk surface to the handles:

  • First, I removed the rubber handles, exposing the metal bar you see above
  • Then, I took a drill and trilled two holes in each handle.
  • I took the two screws from other parts of the treadmill that didn't really need them (I hope) and screwed in the bookshelf braces. I got the braces as True Value for a couple bucks apiece.
  • Once these were stable, I laid a bit of spare plywood board on the braces and marked out where the screw holes were.
  • I created some pilot holes and screwed the braces to the plywood.

The bright red item you see to the right is a fly gun.

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Do you have any issues with the screen so small and far away? It looks like it would be hard to read smaller type on the screen, especially with your head moving even slightly while you walk.

Occasionally something is too small to to read well, and I use the Mac zoom feature. But, since moving to the 13 inch screen, the text is actually bigger than when I had my 17-inch at its highest resolution. I can also bump the holder for the 13 inch a little further over the edge of the shelf to get an extra couple inches closer without it tipping over. The 17-inch had more weight in the front so it would tip over faster.

I wouldn't mind an arm attached to the ceiling, though, so I could really get the screen right where I wanted it. :)

The first picture is hilarious! Your dedication to fitness is commendable.

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Awesome implementation. I have a ProForm as well. The support arms are perfect for mounting a desk to. How long have you been on it?

BTW I'm using this device to track my steps/miles everyday: fitbit.com

And we have a new, (still small) group of treadmill workers in friendly competition there: http://www.fitbit.com/group/228TJ9

Hi Tony! Thanks for mentioning the Fitbit, that sounds pretty neat. I've been using the Nike Fit + iPod Touch combination to track speed while running, but I don't really have a feel for what happens the rest of my day. And tracking sleep sounds interesting. How long have you been using the Fitbit?

I've been on this particular treadmill for about a year, though I had another treadmill before that for a year and a half or so. One thing I don't know how to do is maintain my treadmill, so I feel like I'm just running it into the ground. I'd love to hear any tips on that front.


I've only been using the Fitbit for about a month (you can see my data : http://www.fitbit.com/user/22CXWS) but I'm really enjoying the data tracking. I tried the sleep thing a few times and its interesting but not particularly useful to track every night. I am sleeping much better since I've been walking at work. The social aspect of the fitbit is nice in that it encourages you to squeeze in more activity so you can climb the leaderboards.

I also don't know how to maintain the treadmill. My manual only says that its pre-lubricated and I shouldn't spray anything in it.

Awesome! I love it. A lot of my work involves pixel-level editing, so I'm not sure this would be practical for me, but this really seems like a great idea in general to help the average office worker combat the sedentary life.

Hey Julia, this is a belated response, but just wanted to let you know that I do pixel-level work just fine. I tend to walk slow, and I notice that my body automatically corrects the jitter when doing fine graphic design stuff. Might not work for everyone, but it does for me. Cheers!

That looks great. Rather than screw holes in the actual treadmill itself, I built a Pi-shaped shelf that I set my keyboard and mouse on. It's the correct height for typing and slides perfectly over the top of the treadmill. It allows me to move it back against the wall and fold the treadmill up as well.

The fun thing about treadmill desks is that you can build them 100 different ways to fit your needs.

I'm trying to compile a photo page of homemade (DIY) treadmill desks. Do you mind if I use your photos if I give you a link back to this page?

Not at all. Post back with a link to the collection, I'd love to see it!