Use iFreeMem and never have to restart your mac again - or - I love green pie!

When I was considering purchasing a mac and ending (or rather, reducing) Microsoft's reign of terror in my life, I was told my multiple sources that one of the productivity boons of macs is that you never have to restart them due to memory getting eaten up by invisible gnomes in your chassis. The truth is that OSX definitely appears to do a better job, but it seems to leave memory scraps behind, just like windows.

I shelled out twenty bucks the other day for a little app called iFreeMem, which will - on demand - run through your ram and clean out any cruft, leaving you with a bigger green slice in that memory pie. I use it several times a day, and it seems to work really well even though I keep wondering if maybe the program just overrides the graphical display in activity monitor and makes you think you have more than you do.

iFreeMem also adds a nice little menubar icon that shows a monochrome pie-chart display of current memory usage. I find myself glancing up there when I'm using a bunch of programs at once to make sure I'm not going to be surprised by a spinning beach ball of death anytime soon.


Do you still think that iFreeMem is working well without causing problems to your system software?

I used it for a few days, but stopped due to fears that it could be doing drastic things so my OS.

You know, I haven't had any problems yet, which is surprising. I can even play around while it's doing its thing and I'm good to go. One thing I do have to renege on a bit is that the OS (or at least some programs I run) keep some RAM and don't give it back ever. Over time, that chunk grows and iFreeMem, though it does free up a bunch, doesn't quite get everything. I think it's still good, but I do end up rebooting from time to time.

Try the purge command, which flushes and empties the disk cache. This consumes a fairly large portion of memory over time.

And iFreeMem can never "get it all". It's the apps whom are at fault: they have memory leaks or are caching too much (especially Safari, mds (Spotlight) and kernel_task seem to do this).

Ooh, nice hack, thanks!