Using the Evernote module to manage an entire Drupal website with a desktop application

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I've recently been using the Evernote module to blog, which has made my life surprisingly more rich. After building the module, I started using it right away and found it was the missing piece in creating a workflow that would encourage quality, rapid posting - something I've always wanted to be able to do. Now that its set up, I feel like I can write with virtually no overhead, and using images - kind of tricky when using webforms and wysiwyg - is about as easy as it can get. Even adding annotations is super simple with Skitch (writeup for a workflow with Skitch is imminent).

The ease with which I can create content made me wonder if maybe I could run an entire Drupal site's content off of Evernote. So I gave it a shot when setting up, and it worked like a charm!

What I've done is set up four separate feeds in the Evernote module, three of which correspond to different content types, and a third which imports unpublished blog nodes with instructions for using and administering the site:

The Gallery feed expects notes with a single image. This image is added to an imagefield and is displayed in a gallery fashion on pages like and The author can put the image anywhere in the post and it will be stripped out using the HTML input filter.

The Blog and Pages feeds, on the other hand, pulls any number of images in and replaces them with local copies of the images, so they would end up looking something like this blog post.

The idea in setting up the site this way is to make management of the content extremely easy. Since Evernote has a desktop application, all the site admin has to do is create or edit a page in Evernote on their computer (even offline), and any changes get pulled into the site on a cron run. So, no log-ins, no working with web forms, it's just working directly with the content without having to deal with the middle man.

I'd love to see more people experimenting with this kind of integration. It makes for a pretty tight workflow. I even take this a little further with my blog (a more detailed article will be forthcoming) by automatically Tweeting and sending my post to Facebook through Evernote as well.

Evernote Feeds Name Account Type Description Edit Delete Gallery Joseph's account gallery Edit Delete Pages Joseph's account page Edit Delete Blog Joseph's account blog Edit Delete Docs Joseph's account blog Edit Delete Account TYPE :ini LT-T?


What a cool idea! I <3 the idea of giving content generators different options to post content to a website. Have you ever thought about integrating the Evernote module with the Feeds module?

Can you give me an idea of how the integration might work?

Wow Chris! This sounds really cool. I'd like to give it a spin and see how it works with the Evernote Android app.

Let me know how it turns out!

I installed it, everything went exceptionally smoothly until the first cron run: ??
Fatal error: Call to undefined function curl_init() in /srv/aegir/platforms/acquia-drupal-6/sites/all/modules/evernote/evernote.module on line 939

Enabled the php curl library (duh), and now get:
Fatal error: Cannot access empty property in /srv/aegir/platforms/acquia-drupal-6/sites/all/modules/evernote/evernote.module on line 1009

Okay, good to know that not everyone has curl enabled.

I just put out a Beta 2 release (should be packaged shortly) with what should be a fix for this issue. Give it a run and let me know if you hit any issues.


Downloaded and installed the newest Chris, and got:
Fatal error: Cannot access empty property in /srv/aegir/platforms/acquia-drupal-6/sites/all/modules/evernote/evernote.module on line 1009


This module is unreal. I can't wait to try it out. I totally dig the idea of using evernote to blog.


Any possibilities of resurrecting this project in Drupal 7?

It's on the top of my list of modules to give attention to when I have the time. It was so much fun to see in action, and it makes blogging much awesomer. However, I'm not sure when that time will come just yet. :P