What's in my pocket (in 1 minute)

My pockets are sacred spaces, but it's taken me a while to give them the gravity they deserve. I've been on this planet nearly 30 years, most of it with pockets. I've lost favorite pants to exploded pens and gum in the washer. I've thrown out important phone numbers and shopping lists with receipts, have reacted strongly to this loss and thus began a regimen of throwing out nothing that was once in my pockets. Over time it has become clear that the pocket is a powerful repository of tools and information, not to be taken lightly.

Like many people, I appreciate the value of being prepared for anything, anytime, with as little on my person as humanly possible. The pockets are a great place to practice this minimalism because there is limited space which varies from pants to pants.

I've established a collection that I'm proud of. It works with all my pants, and I can't strip it down any further without sacrificing a significant utility. For the sake of sharing, here it is, in (1 minute) video and textual format (see here for tagged image).

The stuff:

Wallet with the following:

  • 10 or so business cards
  • 4 blank business cards (for note taking or getting someone's info that forgot their cards)
  • 7 other cards (drivers license, credit card, personal debit, business debit, dental insurance, health insurance, AAA)
  • Floss (shaped like a business card, contains a couple dozen yards of floss for emergencies, ask your dentist!)
  • 2 blank checks
  • House key (for going on walks, and occasionally useful in other situations)

$20 virgin mobile phone - I use this to set vibrate reminders throughout the day for timely stuff (like diaper changing)

iPod touch with the following utilities:

  • Calendar
  • OmniFocus and Evernote (for capturing ideas and journaling)
  • Shopping list app (called ShopShop)
  • Stopwatch (for jogs)
  • A few party games like Catchphrase, Scrabble
  • Photos for showing off fat baby
  • Skype (for tracking work conversations while making lunch, mostly)
  • Music utilities (4-track recorder, metronome, chord chart)
  • Twitterific (for emergency tweeting)
  • Several mp3 books (played when exercising)
  • White noise makers (White noise and Ambiance, for putting the baby to sleep on occasion. Yes, it works!)
  • Dictionary (mostly for looking up words on mp3 books)


  • Space pen (fits in the wallet, but makes it difficult to get to cards. I lost mine and haven't replaced it yet)
  • Point-and-shoot camera
  • Ear-bud headphones in pill case

Some interesting links regarding people's pockets:

http://www.flickr.com/groups/62886501@N00/pool/ - Flickr "What's in your pocket" grouphttp://www.faceyourpockets.com/index1.html - "Face your pockets" - a collection of scans of people's pockets and faces. Really neat, pretty pictures.
http://www.flickr.com/photos/stompeers/3580633580/ - My tagged Flickr photo


Ok the extra house key in the wallet is great - as long as you never lose your wallet - then you will be screwed unless you go to change the locks immediately.

Things I always have in my pockets are

- wallet with identification cards - credit - debit - picture of the kid - and a couple of business cards

- keys to everything - work - car - house etc

- pack of chewing gum

- and cellphone

If I am wearing cargo shorts - I tend to stuff the pockets with the extras like a camera or something stupid like a fifth of whiskey :)


I just visited the face your pocket site and it seems really interesting. I'm thinking of submitting my own picture as soon as I get the time to scan my face and my pockets. Thanks for sharing yours (pockets that is) and let's hope more and more people will do the same.
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