When the Radiolab app (or any other iPhone app) keeps crashing, do a full restart

A couple weeks ago, the graph of my life took a 2% dip when I all of the sudden couldn't listen to Radiolab when I was exercising. It just kept crashing about 7 minutes into an episode, which was just enough time for me to stick the phone in the armband, and start start sweating. Then right in the middle of some beautiful discussion on the nature of memory or the afterlife, it would cut out. What a bummer.

I tried restarting the iPhone, I closed the app in the multi-task bar, I even re-installed the thing, and still it would cut out. It would always take me a while because sometimes they stick some silence in weird paces on the show and it was hard to tell if maybe it was an artistically long pause or something.

Finally, I looked up whether there was anyone else with the same problem, and found this nice article that outlined everything I'd done except for one thing:

Hold the top power button down, then when the power slider appears, press and hold the home button.

This does more of a full reset, clearing caches, brushing out cobwebs, telling the kids to go home. And it worked! Today I wanted to keep running just to listen to more awesomeness, but my 1.5-year-old was ready for home.

At the same time