Why you should attend our DrupalCon Denver training (short video included) and 5 new Drupal video tutorials

Why you should attend our DrupalCon Denver Mentored Training

If you or someone you know is climbing up the Drupal learning curve, our DrupalCon Denver training is guaranteed to give you a huge boost. In this short video, I talk about the structure of the training, and why it works so well regardless of your experience level.

Training is only partially about the information. The biggest benefit I've seen students get from trainings has been the one-on-one time with trainers, time where students can get difficult questions answered. In this training, you will have access to at least 9 highly skilled trainers for the entire day to connect with.

I've put together a short video (~9 minutes) explaining how the training works, the benefits of this training versus more traditional training, and a way to look at the cost that really enhances the value. If you need convincing, or need to convince your employer, definitely take a look.

Watch the video and learn more about the training >>

New videos on overriding views, menus and variables in feature modules

How to override a Views query, like changing node type or order - 4:40

It's handy knowing how to override a Views query through code anyway, but it's essential for manipulating the output of a feature module view. In this video we show you how.

How to override a menu item title - 2:52

This video demonstrates changing a menu item title with code. Again, while this is something that can be done through the menu item configuration page, reverting a feature module will blow those changes away. If you're working with any Drupal distribution, this will be one of the most common configuration change requests.

How to override variables and how the Strongarm module works - 4:51

With a feature module, variables are stored and overridden through the Strongarm module. In this video we show you how the module works, and how to override these variables in code.

How to modify interface text and version control the overrides - 3:44

The String Overrides module is great for overriding text, but it doesn't store the changes in a way that can be captured in code. So, we look at another method for overriding this text that will persist even if you have to update or revert a feature module.

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How to override Views options like title, ajax and number per page - 5:40

It requires a little finesse to override a view that has been captured by a feature module in such a way as to not risk completely obliterating your changes later on. In this video we look at overriding some common views parameters in a sustainable way.