Wraping up Drush Make + DrupalCon Training Seats Going Fast!

Why you (yes, you!) should attend our DrupalCon training

Tickets to our training at DrupalCon are selling fast, and I'd love these tickets to go to Build a Module.com members, so here's a few quick bullet points about what you'll get from the training:

  1. Access to 10 amazing Drupal mentors, including developers, themers and information architects.
  2. Plenty of one-on-one help for when you get stuck or have questions
  3. Learn at your own pace and never get bored or lost
  4. A free 3-month membership (or membership extension) to Build a Module.com
  5. Network with your fellow students (this is more valuable than you might think)
  6. Lunch is supplied at the venue, so you can leverage your lunch time to keep learning

The training is an affordable $350 with a $25 rebate for higher education students and faculty. I'd love to see you there, and if you have any questions, feel free to send me an e-mail.

Register for the DrupalCon training >>

Partnership with Drop Labs in Los Angeles

Drop Labs is an innovative all-Drupal co-working facility in L.A., and now members can get free access to the full Build a Module.com video library when they come in to work. If you haven't heard of Drop Labs, definitely check them out.

The Drupal Association Training Initiative

The Drupal Association announced a "Drupal Days" initiative a while back to help support a quarterly day-long slew of low-cost Drupal training worldwide. We think this is awesome! But for those of you who aren't necessarily trainers (or for whom training isn't a whole lot of fun), you can still help people learn Drupal with the Mentored Training model.

We offer a free 8 day pass to your students, and all you need to do is hang around while students watch videos and help them answer questions. It's also pretty easy to rope other Drupalists to help out since there's no prep work required. We've had mentored trainings happen across the world with unanimous success.

If you're interested in participating in Drupal Days by putting on a Mentored Training, please check out the details.

Wrapping up the Drush Make videos

Last week we talked about the benefits of using Drush Make to build reliable site scaffolding, and this week we dive into how to actually create and run a Make file, both from scratch and also using an existing Drupal installation as a starting point.

How to create and run a Drush Make file - 6:27

In this video we walk through the architecture of a Drush Make file and build one from scratch. Then we use it to create site scaffolding for a new Drupal site.

How to quickly generate a Drush Make file with drushmake.me - 2:29

Knowing how to build a Drush Make file from scratch is handy, but the online tool, drushmake.me, is a rapid method that acts as a nice checklist to insure you get all the modules and components you need. In this video we walk you through the interface.

New FREE Drupal video tutorial of the week

How to generate a Drush Make file from an existing Drupal installation - 3:27

Drush Make comes with a nice little utility that will generate a Make file based on a current Drupal installation. It's not perfect, but it will save you a ton of time if you're switching over to Make from a copy-and-paste system.