Just got my tickets for Drupalcamp Colorado, and reserved a spot at the Melbourne hostel (my first hostel ever). I got so excited I put together a google map, complete with hostel, camp location, burrito place with good reviews and a couple grocery stores.

For those of you who might be considering going, but aren't sure about absorbing the costs, here's what it's going to run me:

$280 for plane ticket
$20 for registration
$22 for 1 night in hostel
$20 for shuttle to airport (will be catching a ride with fellow Drupaler from airport to event on Saturday)
$15 burrito budget (lunches served at the event, will bring breakfast with me)
$357 TOTAL

That's almost a third the cost of just attending a 2-day Lullabot workshop (not including airfare). For me, if I do something like this about 4 times a year, that's about $90 / month, the amount I'm saving by using a Virgin mobile phone and iPod touch instead of an iPhone. So, basically free! ;)

Look forward to seeing you there!

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