June 2012

Jun 26, 2012

If you or your staff need to learn Drupal or pick up some new Drupal skills, come to our nearly free all-day Drupal Immersion training on July 14th! During the training you'll have access to a number of highly skilled, experienced Drupalists to help you with any questions you might have.

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  2. Why would you want to learn Drupal?
  3. How does the training work?
  4. About BuildAModule.com
  5. Free giveaways!
  6. About your mentors
  7. How to register

Where is the training?

This training will be held at BSU in the Micron Engineering Center (MEC), room 114 (click for map).

Why would you want to learn Drupal?

Drupal is a free, open source and fantastic piece of software that drives both incredibly popular websites like The White House and the Grammys, as well as tons of smaller, local web sites. Drupal skills are in high demand, and there's just not enough people to fill the current need. In Boise, several web shops are using Drupal exclusively to build local, national and international web sites, and many of them are growing fast and looking for talent.

Plus, Drupal is a lot of fun. It's feels amazing to be able to build powerful web sites for your own projects and organizations. We want to share that power with you.

How does the training work?

This particular training has been used across the world to train hundreds of people. Instead of a traditional, lecture based training, we use a curated set of videos from BuildAModule (a Boise-based company) to allow students to work through a series lectures at their own pace. This also frees up the trainers to help students one-on-one the entire time.

What this also means is that you get to focus on whatever aspect of Drupal would be most helpful to you. If you're just beginning, we'll guide you through the process of setting up your first Drupal site and learning basic terminology and concepts. If you're a developer, you can dive into Drupal's fantastic APIs. If you're a designer, you can dig into Drupal theming. There are video lectures available that cover nearly all of the fundamentals of using Drupal in practical projects.

About BuildAModule.com

My name is Chris Shattuck, I'm the creator of BuildAModule and am organizing this training. I've become passionate about education over the last several years and am excited to be in the position to leverage powerful strategies to help develop Drupal talent around the world. This particular training has been held in several countries, and was the most-attended training at the annual DrupalCon in 2012.

The videos on BuildAModule have helped thousands of people learn Drupal, and the ability to interact one-on-one with experienced Drupalists at trainings like these is a way to really help accelerate the learning process. I've seen numerous students land fantastic jobs after working through the BuildAModule curriculum. Others have been able to pull of complicated projects relatively quickly, starting from scratch. This is really exciting to see, the process has been proven, and I'm glad to finally be able to reach out locally and help develop our local Drupal talent pool.

Free giveaways!

Zerrtech is generously supporting this training by giving away 5 3-month memberships (valued at $87 each, thank you!). We'll be doing the giveaway during the lunch break.

About your mentors

We have several experienced mentors who will be ready to help you questions or trouble spots throughout the day.

CHRIS SHATTUCK - Chris is the creator of BuildAModule.com and has recorded nearly 700 focused Drupal tutorials. He has also done extensive in-person Drupal training, including the largest training at DrupalCon 2012, and has spoken at numerous Drupal events. You can learn more about Chris at http://chrisshattuck.com.

JEREMY ZERR - Jeremy has a diverse skillset, and has been using Drupal for several years. He's been responsible for large implementations for some of the largest companies in Idaho. You can learn more about Jeremy at http://www.zerrtech.com.

CAMERON EAGANS - Cameron is a software developer living in Meridian, Idaho. He works at Balihoo and goes to school at Boise State University. He has building sites and applications with Drupal almost exclusively since 2008. You can learn more about Cameron at http://cweagans.net.

ANDY HARL - Andy is a web designer and front end developer in Meridian, Idaho. He is currently working as a web designer for http://www.bluesharmonica.com. You can learn more about Andy at http://andyharl.com.


How to register

This training is nearly free, but we're collecting a small token fee to pay for lunch and power cords. Regular tickets are $25, and student tickets are $10.

Register for the Drupal Immersion training here >>