I was playing with Navin, an Omega sub-theme, and wanted to make some minor adjustments to the CSS, and maybe have a custom template.php file to work with. The best way to do this is to create a sub-theme of the sub-theme (though I kind of wish there was a way to just add a plan old CSS file somewhere - and I feel like maybe there's a way to do that I'm spacing on). 

To get this to work required a few steps. My use case is that I'm working within the Open Enterprise Drupal distribution to get a fairly simple Drupal-based blog set up. It comes with Navin as the default theme.

  1. Downloaded Omega Tools - a module that adds a Drush tool to create quick and easy Omega sub themes.
  2. Created a subtheme using drush omega-subtheme nameofmythemehere on the command line (though the manual instructions here would have worked using the HTML5 version, I believe).
  3. Copied the code from /themes/navin/ (everything below the settings[alpha_css][navin-footer.css] = 'navin-footer.css' line) and pasted into
  4. Copied the code from comment 1 on a helpful Navin issue queue post and pasted it in above what I just added to The idea here (if you're using a different subtheme) was to pull in the subtheme's CSS into the sub-subtheme.
  5. Changed the name of the subtheme from omega to navin.
  6. Enabled the new subtheme in the Appearance settings page.
  7. I also had to clear my caches for this to take because I had done some messing around in the .info file and wanted to clear out any stray settings.

That was enough to do the trick.

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Ever since I heard about the VoIP Drupal module, I've been itching to set up some kind of service that allows people to call in and leave testimonials for BuildAModule. But, I haven't had a chance and decided today that it was time to do something about it. I ran into this awesome article outlining the process of using Google Voice to set up the service, and ended up with this (click this if you want to tell us what you think about BuildAModule):

Here's the breakdown of what to do:

  1. Go to your Google Voice page (you can set it up at this point if you haven't already)
  2. Click the settings cog wheel
  3. Click Call Widgets
  4. Click "Add a new Call Widget"

Next, you set up the widget:

  1. Enter a name for the widget
  2. Select "Send to voicemail"
  3. Click "Record now" to record a new greeting

Finally, copy the widget object code and embed it in a web page:

If you want to embed the testimonials on the page, go to your inbox, and on the message you want to embed:

  1. Click on "more"
  2. Click on "embed"
  3. Copy the embed code and paste it into your web page

Here's an example of that:

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A couple weeks ago, the graph of my life took a 2% dip when I all of the sudden couldn't listen to Radiolab when I was exercising. It just kept crashing about 7 minutes into an episode, which was just enough time for me to stick the phone in the armband, and start start sweating. Then right in the middle of some beautiful discussion on the nature of memory or the afterlife, it would cut out. What a bummer.

I tried restarting the iPhone, I closed the app in the multi-task bar, I even re-installed the thing, and still it would cut out. It would always take me a while because sometimes they stick some silence in weird paces on the show and it was hard to tell if maybe it was an artistically long pause or something.

Finally, I looked up whether there was anyone else with the same problem, and found this nice article that outlined everything I'd done except for one thing:

Hold the top power button down, then when the power slider appears, press and hold the home button.

This does more of a full reset, clearing caches, brushing out cobwebs, telling the kids to go home. And it worked! Today I wanted to keep running just to listen to more awesomeness, but my 1.5-year-old was ready for home.

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