Well, the itch to blog rapidly with quick screenshots finally got to me, and I spent the last couple of days re-working the Drupal Evernote module to get it functional with the new Evernote API updates and Oauth.

One failing of the first module was that there were a lot of steps involved to get it set up. In this new version, I've simplified the options quite a bit. Today I started using it in practice on, and it seems to be working pretty smoothly. Before I release it into the wild, though, I'm going to give it a bit to work out any kinks. Man, it's a lot of fun being able to blog straight from Evernote. I've also set up a system to post directly to Facebook and Twitter as well with some simple tagging (I'll talk more about that later).

I went ahead and added it up on Github so folks can goof around with it until I can get a chance to re-grok the Drupal module tagging scheme. Also, right now it's just for Drupal 6 (since that's where my itch is).

Here's a screenshot of the admin page:

OCR-ed content: 
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A couple years ago I put together the Drupal Evernote module so I could use Evernote as a blogging platform. I even set up a rules with the Rules module to post to Twitter if there as a particular tag associated with it. 

There were a few issues with the workflow, and I also started feeling a bit quieter, so I eventually stopped using it. And because I've drunk the Koolaid and realize just how easy it can be to blog, I haven't taken much time to actually compose many posts over the last couple years.

But I got tired of the quiet (it's way more fun to share cool stuff), so I spent the last couple of days updating Evernote, and figured out a workflow that will allow me to post to Twitter and Facebook selectively using a service called Twitterfeed.

Step 1: Set up the Evernote module

The updates I made to the Evernote Drupal module make it much easier to use. Just plug in where you want to pull Evernote from, and where you want to put the notes. Once this is set, cron will pick up any notes and create nodes from them. Here's a quick screenshot of the new Evernote module settings page (there's just one):

Step 2: Create feeds for different social networks  

I created RSS feeds for blog posts that should go to Twitter (all posts that have a 'tweet' tag), posts that go to Facebook (posts with a 'Facebook' tag), and one each for status updates to Facebook or Twitter (i.e. updates that are just text and don't include links back to articles). Here's a screenshot for the Views settings page for the blog:

Step 3: Set up Twitterfeed

Next, I set up Twitterfeed to pull from each of the feeds I created and post to their destination social networks. Here's a screenshot of part of the dashboard:

And here's what the workflow looks like

I use my blog as a central hub. It's public and I can create selective feeds from it. Evernote just becomes by source for creating content. 

So when I want to create a blog post, Facebook post or Twitter status update, if I'm at my laptop I'll fire up a new note with Evernote's global shortcut key (so I can open it no matter what app I'm in), type away, use Mac's keyboard shortcuts for creating screenshots to paste in, and then when I'm ready to post, I might add tags for Facebook and / or Twitter, then I'll set the notebook to the one I'm syncing with the blog. That's it.

At some point, the note will get synced with the central server, cron will run on my blog to pull the content in, then Twitterfeed will run to grab the content from the feed and push out to wherever I want it to go. There is a bit of a delay here, but the workflow is so simple that unless it's urgent, the time savings is so worth it

OCR-ed content: 
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