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I've been working on some updates to BuildAModule and have a sea of files open as tabs in Komodo. I've been using the extension as an identifier, which takes a ridiculously long time for my brain to parse. I've solved this problem in Firefox by using Colorful Tabs, so I did a quick search for something that might be similar for Komodo. Sure enough, there is! It colors tabs based on file extension, which will give my eyes enough to work with.

This made my day, thank you dafi!

OCR-ed content: 
nc module bartender SOS I ? _I Nm_rtnder radix php b.1m_renderJI Sc. .sea-cn-cc ),hi.deC)i n; Playlist match war ployltst_output H; .ploy\\st-Hst .watch').clickCfunction o i b&mJs barmiest

The fellow who created PinPoint, the software I use for that cool red arrow pointer in my BuildAModule screencasts, also works on a treadmill desk, but his is mechanical. I always thought that style wouldn't work so well because with the electric version, it requires a reaction not to fall off, whereas if you get lost in thought on a mechanical one, I would think your feet would just stop moving.

Anyway, Renaud says it works pretty well, but with a slight modification. He added a hanger as a waist-bar so he can push himself with his stomach, which I would think could add some additional physical benefits to the process.

Here's some pics:

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